“Aint Gone Do It” New song from Nicki Minaj


 “Aint Gone Do It” New song from Nicki Minaj

To celebrate the launch of her mobile app called “The Empire” people who purchases the game will receive Nicki´s new song titled “Aint Gone Do It”.

This song will help her fans to remain calm because there is not an official date for her new album, and to he honest the song is NOT good… You can feel and hear that the song was made to increase the sales of her app… The lyrics tell about Minaj´s rich lifestyle and fashion choices.

Honestly I think the song was not necessary.

NOTE: The game was is made by Glu Mobile, the people behind other pretty much every other celebrity gaming app, including Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Quote to remember: “Why you keep starin’ at me like you know me? Spur of the moment, I ball like Ginobili, ESPN, photoshootin’ with Kobe, you Photoshop bitches be needin’ Adobe”

Rate 1/10: 6

You can hear the song here:

Nicki Minaj – Ain’t Gone Do It (Audio)


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