“Kinda Crazy” New song from Dennis Graham


“Kinda Crazy” New song from Dennis Graham

Well after all it was true, Dennis Graham a.k.a. Drake´s Dad, has finally released his new single titled “Kinda Crazy”.

Since August we had news that Dennis would be releasing some music but its until December when we get the first track, the song has a 90´s old school vibe and was produced by Jimmy Iovine’s son Joe, and its the official return of Dennis to the music industry, lets recall he was a musician for over two decades in Toronto before moving to Memphis.

Because of Drake relation with apple, the track was released exclusively through apple music. Like Father, like Son, also supposedly Drake has given his stamp of approval, hard not to support you dad no? 

It´s an R&B song, but surprisingly it´s not a bad song to be honest… For a more “mature” audience but I did like it.

It´s never too late to chase your musical career.

Quote to remember: “It’s kinda crazy but I feel you underneath my skin, oh, the first glance, I think, is where my obsession began, oh, you looked into my eyes and burned into my soul, it kinda shook me, I was changed but something turns cold”

Rate 1/10: 7.5


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