“Groundhog Day” New Song from Wale

Mark Pitts, Greenhouse And J.Rose Annual BET Post Party

“Groundhog Day”  New Song from Wale

Now that´s how everybody should response when they mention / diss you on a track, fast and direct.

Wale responds to J.Cole new song “False Prophet” and he can’t be more clear:

“I´m heavily flawed! But far from a false prophet, I´m a muf*cking honorable Folarin”

Wale opens up about his feelings and path through the music industry and feels sorry that this same industry has made a split between J. Cole and him. 

The honest and emotional song is produced by Jake One and I think its a great track, Wale manages to deliver a great answer with a perfect timing.

However, I hope we can get Wale´s album “Shine” this year.

Quote to remember: “The most highly underrated of my generation, behind them crooked smiles niggas neglect to embrace me”

Rate 1/10 : 8

You can hear Wale´s response here:

Wale – Groundhog Day (J. Cole Response)


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