New songs from G-Eazy


New songs from G-Eazy

Last Black Friday G-eazy released 2 new songs titled “Still” ft. Ashley Rose and “Bone Marrow” ft. Danny Seth.

“Still” is slow tempo piano driven song where Gerald explains why is he dropping new tracks ““I took some time off , It’s time to start rapping again, don’t want to end up a ‘damn, what happened to him?’” And actually that´s true since his sophomore album When It’s Dark Out in late 2015 he hasn’t had any official solo releases, he stayed in the picture collaborating in Britney Spears song “Make me”, YG´s “FDT PT. 2”, Larry June´s “3rd Girl” and Mistah F.A.B “Still feeling it remix”.

“Bone Marrow” is more of a jam song with an upbeat where Easy and the British Rapper spit rhymes, the track is produced by MD$.

Personally I liked more “Bone Marrow”, in fact nice rapping by Danny, but both songs are good, not above previous material from G-EAZY, but it´s a start… And maybe sign of an upcoming album. 

Quote to remember: “See I´m a simple person, I like to drink my Bourbon, the most interesting man alive but i´m a different version, you see, I been determined, it´s a wrap like a turban”

Rate 1/10 “Still” : 7.5

Rate 1/10 “Bone Marrow” : 8

You can watch the last video released by G-Eazy here:

G-Eazy – Some Kind Of Drug ft. Marc E. Bassy


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