“Viejo Marihuano” New Album by Cartel de Santa


“Viejo Marihuano” New Album by “Cartel de Santa”

Finally after 2 years, the Rappers from Monterrey have released their new record titled “Viejo Marihuano” the new album includes collaborations from Millonario , Santa Estilo and Bicho Ramirez .

“ El Cartel” sticks to it´s winning formula and keeps rhyming about weed , ladies , gangs and Monterrey, so what´s new in this record? 

Well, to be honest it looks like Babo was or is in love… but as most people would predicted it end bad for him… And that´s sad but in a way also good! Because of that  “breakup” we get the best 2 songs of the album “Leve” and “Much Marijuana” both tracks are about “love”.

Also you can sense that Cartel de Santa knows that they´re the best rap group in mexico… And maybe in Latin America, they know they ain´t young or new but they also know they own and rule the mexican rap game.

Conclusion, It´s a good comeback, the title of the album suggested that the album would be only about Marijuana… but it ends showing more feelings than you expect. #ppcdsalvc

Quote to remember: “En esta historia de amor tu Harley Quinn y yo el Guason”

Release date: 18/11/2016

Total songs: 11

Best tracks: “Leve” , “Mucha Marihuana” and “Desde Cuándo”

Featuring: Millonario , Santa Estilo and Bicho Ramirez.

Rate 1/10: 8

You can watch “Mucha Marihuana” video here:

Mucha Marihuana – Cartel de Santa (VIDEO OFICIAL) New Video


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