“Wednesday Morning” New Song from Macklemore


“Wednesday Morning” New Song from Macklemore

Closure and move on, this is what I like to think Macklemore try to do with this song, It´s been a while I enjoyed some much a song from him…

The Seattle Rapper, lets you know how we spent that Tuesday night, but he also tells you what he´s going to do, his hopes, and invites you to fight for all man kind.

That Tuesday night he shared his thoughts via Instagram, but it´s pretty amazing and admirable how he managed to put those feelings in a song, this is all inspired by his daughter, you can feel his concern and his pain.

Not everybody… But I like to think that a lot of people will like this song because they felt like him. 

This song is a pure beautiful message of hope.

Quote to remember: “Humanity is a privilege, we can’t give in, when they build walls, we’ll build bridges.” 

Rate 1/10: 9

You can hear the song here:

Macklemore – Wednesday Morning


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