“Kyrie” New Song from Rick Ross


“Kyrie” New Song from Rick Ross

A “Kyrie” anthem, is the new track from the Boss of Miami, the song is produced by North Carolina’s DP Beats, the song celebrates the NBA champs, the Cleveland Cavs, he also namedrops more NBA players like Stephen Curry, Lebron, obviously Kyrie Irving and finally also the new president Donald Trump.

Lets remember, Rick Ross just drop 2 singles, the first a remix of Solange´s single “Cranes in the Sky” and the second “Free Enterprise” a song from his last album “Black Market”, which was released in 2015. He hasn’t released a project since, so perhaps “Kyrie” signals that Rozay’s heading for a big score before the year’s up, maybe this is a sign of a upcoming project from Rozay.

Quote to remember: “ Bitches screamin’ for me like Beyonce, work jumpin’ out the gym like it’s LeBron James ,this other type of money even make me nervous , I’m standin’ out the roof, jersey Kyrie Irving” 

Rate 1/10: 7.5

You can watch the videos for “Kyrie” and “Free Enterprise” here:

Rick Ross “Kyrie” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Audio)

Rick Ross “Free Enterprise” Feat. John Legend (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)


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