“Here” New album by Alicia Keys


Here” New album by Alicia Keys

The album “Here” was released on the 4th of November, its contains 18 songs, and it´s the follow up to the 2012 “Girl on Fire”, the records contains production from Swiss Beatz, Pharrell , Emeil Sande , and Sam Smith´s associate Jimmy Napes.

About the album Alicia said: “This album is so much about life. It’s about New York City. It’s about my city. It’s about us as people. It’s about all the stories that I saw growing up,” she explained. “It’s aggressive. It’s raw. It’s me being my most truthful, my most call-it-as-it-is, my most honest. It is such powerful music, you are going to go crazy.”

The album has a little of everything, from hip-hop tracks to acoustic ballads, consciousness lyrics, personal experiences and completely full of affairs from the mind, soul and heart. As many artists intended, this album is released just before the U.S. election, and Alicia´s intentions may differ a little from others, this album provides hope, this album shows examples of proper and respectful conducts, this album is not just another voice, another hand being raised, “Here” provides answers, or at least Alicia´s proposal or ideas, and that´s what I liked the most of this record.

Another important point is that his album only has one feature, A$AP ROCKY , and it seems right, these are Alicia´s feelings and thoughts, no one can deliver them better than her, my conclusion is: Here is a very good album, and it´s so honest and I believe this is what we need to hear in this troubled times.

Quote to remember: “Maybe we should love somebody, maybe we could care a little more, maybe we should love somebody, Instead of polishing the bombs of holy war”

Release Date: 04/11/2016

Total songs: 18

Best Tracks: “In common” “She dont really care_ 1 Luv” , “Pawn it All” and “Holy war”

Featuring: A$AP ROCKY

Rate 1/10: 8

You can watch the official videos from “Here” above:

Alicia Keys – In Common

Alicia Keys – The Gospel


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