“Welcome to planet X” by KXNG Crooked ft. Eminem


Welcome to planet X” by KXNG Crooked ft. Eminem

KXNG Crooked will release his new album Good vs. Evil on November 11 through RBC Records and for his new song titled “Welcome to planet X” he teams with the one and only Eminem, who is also his boss.

The new album from the Slaughterhouse member speaks of “an alternate realityCrooked explains about the concept of the album “in this alternate reality the lower class citizens use violence to fight back at all times. So if you’re the governor of Michigan and the people of Flint blame you for its water crisis, they’ll come for your head!

Good vs Evil will count with collaborations from: Eminem , Just Blaze, The Observer , Xzibit , SAS , Boroc , P Funk Pavarotti , Tech N9ne , RZA , KinG! and more…

Quote to remember: “I live in a world that’s different than your world , your world still believes in things like free speech and democracy, those things don’t exist in my world anymore.” 

Rate 1/10: 7.5

You can hear the song here:

KXNG Crooked “Welcome To Planet X” Feat. Eminem (WSHH Exclusive – Official Audio)


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