“Black America Again” New album by Common


Black America Again” New album by Common

For more than 20 years of making music, now with 11 albums, Common drops his new album titled “Black America Again”, after releasing the tracks “Love Star” ,  “Letter To The Free,” “Red Wine” “Home” “Pyramids” & “Joy & Peace” we finally have the opportunity to listen to this album.

Before you listen to it, you need to understand that this album is not for business, this album is call to action, is a social project that celebrates the Black community and spirit and looks to change the perception some people have toward them, the record speaks of police brutality, mass incarceration, and institutionalized racism among other matters.

The Chicago emcee releases the album in the right time, just before elections and when you listen to it you can’t help to think about the actual situation in the U.S. This is a conscious album, from a sometimes called conscious rapper, but in this times? Who can help to feel the need of answers and hope? I insist this record comes out in a perfect time, more than rap you get deep feelings and answers. It´s a good album and its a needed voice.

Quote to remember: “You put a nigga in Star Wars, maybe you need 2, and then, maybe then we´ll believe you, see black people in the future, we wasn’t shipped here to rob and shoot ya”

Release Date: 04/11/2016

Total songs: 15

Best Tracks: “Black America Again ” “Pyramids” and “Home

Featuring: Stevie Wonder , Bilal , Marsha Ambrosius , PJ , Syd , Elena , BJ the Chicago Kid , John Legend and Tasha Cobbs .

Rate 1/10: 7

Common – Black America Again ft. Stevie Wonder


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