“2 EZ” New EP from Clay James


2 EZ” New EP from Clay James 

After the relaunch of Doggystyle records, Snoop Dogg quickly signed Atlanta´s Rapper “Clay James” and he just released a 7 track EP called “ 2 EZ”, which clearly is a word play for “too easy”, the EP has no features and lets Clay do his thing with total freedom and honoring his southern style.

The EP shows what Clay able to do, he´s fast, he delivers good lyrics and respects where´s his from, his not copying other succesful rappers or popular sounds, he keeps it real.

RAF FACT: In the track “2 EZ” you can hear the famous Allen Iverson press conference in which he mocks the fact that  “we talkin´ about practice…”

Quote to remember: “My daddy wasn’t around, my uncle raised a G, my uncle was a pimp, so that´s what i was raised to be”

Release Date: 01/11/2016

Total songs: 7

Best Tracks: “2 EZ ” and “Uncle G”

Featuring: No features 

Rate 1/10: 7


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