“Bounce Back” and “No More Interviews” New songs from Big Sean


New Songs from Big Sean

Big Sean is close to release his new album, proof of that are his 2 new songs, “Bounce Back” and “No more interviews” were released on Halloween.

About “Bounce Back“, the track counts with production from Metro Boomin among others, the song feels “dark” but yet so alive, the lyrics provided by the Sean Don are real well thought, he definitely has put time into the new album and choose wisely his first singles… Nice track, with a catchy hook.

Now the track, that is getting all the attention is “No More Interviews” and the reasons are simple, First of all there´s no hooks, Big Sean spits bars through the whole song really good lyrics, and second Sean is addressing hot topics, like his disputes with, Dot Da Genius, Kid Cudi, yes another fight including the “Man on the moon”, and his ex Naya Rivera. This song is too honest, too much emotions, thats why i think is a good idea that it didn’t had a hook, so everybody can focus on the message Sean is giving, NO MORE INTERVIEWS, if you want we can talk music.

RAP FACT: The last official record / appearance we got from Big Sean were: the Kanye West posse cut “Champions” in June, the album from Twenty88 with Jhene Aiko, a song with 2 Chainz in Kevin Harts “What now?” movie soundtrack and in 2015 he released his third LP, Dark Sky Paradise via G.O.O.D. MUSIC.

Quote to remember: “I should have learned from Hov and dame from Stunna and Wayne, Cudi and YE, what happened to our family ways”

Rate “Bounce Back” 1/10: 7.5

Rate “No more interviews” 1/10: 8


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