“Shadows” New song from Yelawolf


“Shadows” New song from Yelawolf

“Trial by fire” is coming…

And for that reason Yelawolf continues to release new music, this time is the turn for his new single titled “Shadows” ft. Nashville´s Joshua Hedley, last month he released the single  “Daylight” NEW song from Yelawolf and “Hotel” New EP from Yelawolf .

Like the single “Daylight” , the new single “Shadows” is another acoustic driven country-rap song, which is something that Yela manages to do so well the Slumerican way, this time the song reflects details of the Yela´s haunted past.

The new album “Trial by fire” from the Alabama rapper is expected this year via Shady/Interscope.

Rap fact: Yelawolf raps about Ozzy and Black Sabbath.

Quote to remember: “Memories of shadows haunt me, from the years when i was young, things that used to terrify me, are the things that I´ve become”

Rate 1/10: 7.5

Watch the official video here:

Yelawolf – Shadows ft. Joshua Hedley


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