“DreamChasers 4” #DC4 New mixtape from Meek Mill


“DreamChasers 4” #DC4 New mixtape from Meek Mill

DC4 finally is here…

This mixtape took way to long to come out, but all the non music problems Meek faced, makes you understand the reasons behind this delay, but anyway let´s begin.

Besides delivering great music and good lyrics, this mixtape in particular had another mission, DC4 has the goal of bringing Meek back to the top of the rap game, make people forget about his beef with Drake, The Game and his relation with Nicki, he needs to prove again that he´s more than that, that he has what it takes to be on the top 5.

Not an easy task.. but I think we can say he made it, DC4 has a lot of good tracks and it show us a Meek that wants more.

The record begins like Meeks loves to, with a monster intro song, he´s really good in setting the tone since the beginning, since the start he already has our attention and gets the flow going, in the whole record you can enjoy the bass “kicking you”, honestly the beats in almost every song are real hard, just the way Meek´s voice sound better, in DC4 Meek went back to basics, he went back to what people like about his rapping, this mixtape shows lots of details in production… Maybe that´s the real reason for the delay…

Without a question this is by far his best DreamChaser project and to make it even better the list of features is amazing… From Pusha-T to Tory Lanez, from his girl to Young Thug… Can´t miss when you have this kind of collaborations… right Dj Khaled? I did miss some collaboration from Rick Ross and/or Wale.

Can´t doubt it, Meek Mill is back and probably even better than ever, i guess with all what he´s been through made him stronger and smarter…  This album is really alive, no time for depression or sad times…  Was the waiting worth? YES. DC4 is a great mixtape, Meek wasn’t dead… He was recovering and preparing to come back as we never seen him before… Welcome Back Meek.

Quote to remember: “ I did shed so many tears at that corner store, man I spent so many years at that corner store, I see my niggas disappear at that corner store, when they was sleppin´ we was there at that corner store”

Release Date: 28/10/2016

Total songs: 14

Best Tracks: “On the regular” “Shine” “Litty”  and “ Blue Notes”

Featuring: Tory Lanez , Lil Uzi Vert , Nicki Minaj , Quavo , Don Q , Young Thug , 21 Savage , Pusha-T ,  Yfn Lucci , Tracy T , Guordan Banks , Lil Snupe and French Montana. 

Rate 1/10: 8

Listen to the whole album here:



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