“Dan Bilzerian” New song from T-Pain ft. Lil Yachty



Dan Bilzerian” New song from T-Pain ft. Lil Yachty

T-Pain has joined with Lil Yachty for his new club banger “Dan Bilzerian” , the track is a homage to the rich and famous Poker Player.

The song basically takes you to the life of Dan, who is famous by surrounding himself with naked women on private helicopters and yachts , while the women shoot off machine guns and pop bottles all day, everyday, and that´s the whole point of the song… Dan is rich as f*uck.

This song will be part of the new album of the Nappy Boy founder, still no release date, his last mixtape was “The Iron Way” which was released in 2015.  

This is not the best work of the auto-tune pioneer, and probably if he would have released the track on the summer it would have had been a more appropiate season… Still, it´s a “fun” song which makes reference to a Instagram celebrity.

Rap fact: Lil Yachty pays tribute to Chamillonarie with the his lyrics “All my niggas riding´dirty on that old Chamillion´ skrrt skrrt “

Quote to remember:I get 10 brazilians like I’m Dan Bilzerian , I get 10 brazilians like I’m Dan Bilzerian, bitch I’m rich as f*ck, bitch I’m rich as f*ck , them hoes can sick a duck, b*tches sick a duck

Rate 1/10: 6

You can hear the song here:

T-Pain – Dan Bilzerian feat. Lil Yachty (Produced by T-Pain)


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