“The letter O” debut album from Damian Lillard a.k.a Dame D.O.L.L.A.


“The letter O” debut album from Damian Lillard a.k.a Dame D.O.L.L.A.

Can we take this project for real? Can Damian make the Jump from NBA superstar to a great and serious rapper?

First of all, for this album we he enlists a good “team” which includes: Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Jamie Foxx, Raphael Saadiq and Marsha Ambrosius and more… and after listening to the first songs you can easily see that this is not like the projects from: Shaquille O’Neal , Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd , Kobe Bryant , Iman Shumpert , Chris Webber,  Tony Parker and Steve Francis, however let´s remember that Shaq´s album “Shaq Diesel” was certified platinum in 94´.

Lillard tweeted about the title of the album revealing that The Letter O is named after the places that made him. He grew up in Oakland, went to college at Weber State University in Ogden and was drafted to play professional basketball by the Portland Trail Blazers, where he has spent four years living in Oregon. He also says that the album is totally made with “clean” lyrics.

The record shares with us the life of Dame as an adolescent, the struggles to became a star, his goals and even thanks to his University coach Phil Beckner. The interesting thing about this NBA player album, is that he’s not hiding the fact that he plays basketball, he embraces it, he´s a basketball player and rapper so? And I think that makes him feel secure and confident he’s just rapping the truth.

Conclusion, this is not going to be the album of the year… Nor is going to change the rap game, but Dame D.O.L.L.A. proves to all the industry that this is for real, that this is not a joke, he´s rapping is for real and his album proves it.

Rap Fact: He actually raps about his desire to win a championship for Portland, getting snubbed from the NBA All-Star game in February and his interest in playing for the Utah Jazz when he was in college.

Quote to remember: “Girls call me MCM, I´m tryna be Jerome, the Jazz up the road i wanna play for Jerry Sloan” 

Release Date: 21/10/2016

Total songs: 12

Best Tracks: “Plans”  and “ Wasatch Front”

Featuring: Dupre , Jamie Foxx , Juvenile , Marsha Ambrosius – Brookfield Duece and Danny from Sobrante , Lil Wayne , Manny Lotus , Adrian Marcel and Raphael Saadiq.

Rate 1/10: 7


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