“The Houston Oiler” New album from Paul Wall


Houston´s very own Paul Wall released his new album titled “The Houston Oiler”, a clear tribute to throwback NFL team Houston Oilers, this album is the follow up to the album “Slab Gold” which was released in 2015,  about the title of the record Paul said:

“For me, Houston Oiler represents the era of time in my city where I fell in love with hip-hop, I wanted to bring that nostalgia back to my city.”

Paul Wall sticks to the style and sounds that make him great, this is a great southern rap album made to “swang on”, he evens pays another tribute, this time to Mike Dean, the legendary Houston producer. 

Rap Facts:  Paul Wall apart being famous for being a rapper he also has gained a recognition because of his grill shop the  “The Johnny Dang & Co.” and offering free grills to the U.S.A Olympic winners. 

Quote to remember: “All i do is make money, make money, make money but the money don’t make me, no the money don’t make me”

Release Date: 21/10/2016

Total songs: 16

Best Tracks: “Money don’t make me”  and “ Han Solo on 4´s”

Featuring: Z-Ro , J-Dawg , Rich the factor , LE$ , Slim Thug , Chamillonaire and Lil Keke.

Rate 1/10: 7

Watch the “Han Solo on 4´s” and “Swangin in the rain” (NOT the muddmix version) videos here:

Paul Wall – Han Solo on 4’s (Official Video)

Paul Wall – Swangin In The Rain


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