“Talk to me” New song by Run the Jewels


2 years ago Run the Jewels released their second album RTJ2. their third album is expected this year, however we´re still waiting on a releasing date…

However the duo just released the first song and single from Run the Jewels 3, the track is called “Talk to me”, which was produced by El-P and co-produced by Little Shalimar and Wilder Zoby, the song was shared via “Adult Swim Singles Program”. Killer Mike drops some serious verses on the track.

The duo described the new album as:  “The greatest thing that we artistically have done together.” 

Before “talk to me” they released a track titled “Panther like a Panther” which debuted un the Gears of War trailer.

Quote to remember:  “Born black, that’s dead on arrival/My job is to fight for survival/In spite of all of these all lives matter ass white folk.”

Rate 1/10: 8

Hear “Talk to me” here:

Run The Jewels – Talk To Me | From The Upcoming RTJ3 Album


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