New songs by Pharrell from the “Hidden Figures” Original Soundtrack.


We all know how Pharrell likes to participate in movies and soundtracks, prove of it it´s his latest work for the upcoming movie “Hidden Figures”, which tells the history of a trio of African-American mathematicians who were hired to work for NASA’s Langley Research Center, Pharrell himself co-produced the movie which will hit theaters on Christmas day.

The soundtrack of the movie includes 2 new songs from Pharrel are: “Runnin’” and “Surrender” ft. Lalah Hathaway.

The last solo album we got from Skateboard P was the LP “ GIRL” and recently he collaborated with A$AP Rocky on the song “Hear me” and with Cassius on the track “Go up”.

The formula of working on soundtracks has been really effective for Pharrell, we just have to remember the monster success of the song “Happy” from the movie “Despicable Me 2” , so it makes total sense that he looks to repeat the same formula for his 2 new singles.

Rap fact: This movie will be the acting debut for Janelle Monae

Quote to remember:  “I don’t want no free ride, I’m just sick and tired of runnin’, some nights I cry, cause I can see the day comin’, together we fight, oh, but no more runnin´”

Runnin´ Rate 1/10: 8

Surrender Rate 1/10: 7

You can hear Pharrell´s new songs here:

Pharrell Williams – Runnin’ (Audio)

Lalah Hathaway, Pharell Williams – Surrender (Audio)


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