“Not easy” new song from producer Alex da Kid ft. X Ambassadors, Elle King and Wiz Khalifa

You may not recognize his name, but Alex has produced many hip hop songs you probably like, just to mention a few: “Airplanes” from B.O.B. ft. Hayley Williams , ‘Love The Way You Lie’ from Eminem ft. Rihanna and “I need a doctor” from Dr Dre also ft. Eminem

About his first single he said ““I knew that when I put out my first single as an artist, I’d want to collaborate with an unexpected combination of amazing talent, so Wiz, Elle, and X Ambassadors were perfect. We each  brought very different perspectives and life experience to the song and the subject of heartbreak, which is what I think makes the track work so well.”

The song kind of reminds you of the hit “See you again” from Charlie Puth, also ft. Wiz, so we´re guessing it´ll have a similar commercial success.

Rate 1/10: 7

You can watch the video (lyric) here:

Alex Da Kid – Not Easy (Lyric) ft. X Ambassadors, Elle King, Wiz Khalifa


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