“1992” New Album from The Game

“1992” New Album from The Game

Nostalgia. Nineties Love. Beef. Chronic.

This what we´re getting from the Los Angeles Rapper new album, a journey to Jayceon´s life back in 1992, this is his life story.

The whole concept of the record is remembering the good old 90´s, 2Pac, Biggie, , The Chronic, Wu Tang and even the cover of the album was made by Joe Cool, who also created the iconic cover for Snoop´s Doggystyle album, which was released in 1993. 

In thie record there´s no club bangers, no radio songs, no commercial hooks, except for the track “All eyez”, this album is not intended for a young audience, this album was created and produced to live again that time, and to fully understand it you had to be alive back then.

Game is really good when in telling stories, sharing memories and taking you back to a certain place ( Compton ), time (The Nineties ) or in this case year (1992) …

Let´s travel in time and enjoy 1992 one more time but this time with a new “soundtrack”.

Quote to remember: “But I never forgot where I came from, or where i got my name from, my grandma told me, You got the juice now baby, and here´s something I can´t forget”

Watch “All Eyez” official video here:

The Game – All Eyez ft. Jeremih

Release Date: 14/10/2016

Total songs: 13

Best Tracks: “Juice” , “The Soundtrack” and “True Colors / It´s on”

Featuring: Jeremih and Jason Derulo

Rate 1/10: 8


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