“The Bubba Mathis” New EP by Bubba Sparxxx

“The Bubba Mathis” New EP by Bubba Sparxxx

Days before the new EP of Yelawolf was released, “Hotel” New EP from Yelawolf  ,the Georgia rapper dropped his own, important to mention this is his first project in over 2 years, this EP is titled “The Bubba Mathis”.

The EP features Yelawolf in 2 songs and is the second attempt by Bubba to relaunch his rap career, now via Yela´s imprint and the first single is called “Ghost”.

If you enjoy and like “Country Rap / Country HipHop” you´ll like this EP, Bubba´s still manages to mix the white trash redneck culture with hip hop but the problem is that I honestly don’t know if it will be enough to make him a “star” again.

Quotes to remember:  “Don´t ask me what´s up with no Timbaland either we really ain´t friends but ain´t enemies neither   ”

Release Date: 7/10/2016

Total songs: 5

Best Tracks: “Handle That”  

Featuring:  Yelawolf

Rate 1/10: 6.5


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