“Us Or Else” New EP from T.I.

“Us Or Else” New EP from T.I.

T.I. is doing what everybody probably should be doing, he´s taking a strong political stand and using his “celebrity” status and friends to get this message heard.  

“Us or Else” is by far his most political work to date, this EP is extremely transparent about his feelings on America and his views of todays world, the idea of making this record came out of  “the repeated deaths of unarmed black citizens at the hands of police

The 6-track project includes features from Meek Mill, Killer Mike and more, T.I.’s last EP was  Da´Nic released in 2015.

The Atlanta rapper sounds focused, passionate and driven, its obvious that he worries about the issues happening in the US and the message is clear they have to stop NOW.

Release Date: 23/09/2016

Total songs: 6

Best Tracks: “40 acres” and “I swear” 

Featuring:  Meek Mill, Killer Mike, Quavo, Rara, Trev Case , B. Rossi  and Big KRIT

Quote to remember:  “I’mma tell y’all what the ancestors shoulda done did when they seen the first boat comin, yeah, Killed every man, child, woman, killed every damn thing on it, Killed everything if it looked European, send it back to the Queen like, ho  “ 

Rate 1/10: 7


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