“Surfing” NEW song from Kid Cudi featuring Pharrell

After giving the news that his new album “Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin” wouldn’t be released by some “some minor sample clearances.” Cudi did release a new song called “Surfing” the track is a joyous anthem on which the Cleveland rapper repeats what he has been saying recently, “he´s not riding anyone else waves, he’s busy creating his own”, there´s not any actual vocals from Pharrell  in the song so we imagine his collaboration on the track is pure instrumental.

After listening to the lyrics you can’t help to think of his recent comments toward Kanye West and Drake… Shots fired?

Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’  will be the follow up to the 2015’s “Speedin´Bullet 2 Heaven”, whenever it comes out, and it will include features from André 3000 (credited as André Benjamin), Travis Scott, and Willow Smith.

Quote to remember:  “The industry is so full of shit, welcome yell to the enema, nah man that´s subliminal, cause they insecure, they who they are”

Rate 1/10: 9


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