“Ballin” NEW song from Juicy J featuring Kanye West

“Ballin” NEW song from Juicy J featuring Kanye West

In the same month he dropped his new mixtape #MustBeNice , Juicy J has dropped another single from his upcoming album titled “Rubba Band Business: The Album”, this album will be his follow-up to the successful 2013’s “Stay Trippy”.

The new track is called “Ballin” featuring Kanye West, Ye sings the hook while the Memphis rapper delivers some catchy rhymes with a fast flow. 

“And I´m Ballin, and one, and I´m Ballin, off the glass, and I´m Ballin, blow the whistle”

I would have like to hear some verses from Kanye, not just the hook, but you got to admit he did a good job with it.

Previous releasing this track, Juicy J had release “No English” featuring Travi$ Scott, both songs will appear in the new album which is expected this winter.

The video for the song will be released via TIDAL.

Quote to remember:  “”Let them bathe in it ,house so large, put a maze in it, I’m the type that take your chick out for lunch, in the middle of the White House lawn.

Rate 1/10: 8


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