New Mixtape “All Or Nothing: Live It Up” from Lloyd Banks

The New York rapper teams up again with Dj Drama to drop his new mixtape “All Or Nothing: Live It Up”.  

This is the follow up to his previous work the “Halloween Havoc 2” mixtape which was released last year, however this new mixtape is the sequel to the first tape in the series, All or Nothing: Failure’s No Option which was released 3 years ago.

The Mixtape presents a 15-track project with features from: Prodigy, Vado, Styles P, Joe Budden and fellow G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo. Banks recently appeared on the DJ Whoo Kid-hosted The Lost Flash Drive mixtape, which was a collection of unearthed cuts from G-Unit’s recent work.

The first single of this mixtape is “Reap what You Sow” and honestly is one of the best tracks in the mixtape, you can’t deny Banks ability to rhyme and the great level of lyricism he pulls of, but the mixtape fails to show something new or challenging, the thing is that this mixtape could have been dropped 5 years ago and would have produce the same effect and reaction, this is not bad or good, its just saying that we got new music with the “same sound and formula” of Lloyd Banks.

Release Date: 26/09/2016

Total songs: 15

Best Tracks: “Reap what you sow” “Bad weather” and “Work Hard” 

Featuring:  Prodigy , Vado , Styles P , Joe Budden and Tony Yayo

Quote to remember:  “America 2016, so much shit that changed, but yet, so much stayed the same, they been killing us recently like they’ve been killing us for centuries“ 

Rate 1/10: 6.5


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