NEW Album “The Divine Feminine” by Mac Miller – Album Review

The Divine Feminine by Mac Miller, the only “problem” I see to this album is it´s name, the title by itself makes you expect something that you won’t get… But that is not necessarily bad, because sincerely the album is really good, but´s it´s NOT a “kind” and “respectful” tribute to women but it´s also NOT a typical album from the Pittsburgh rapper, so? what is it?

The album presents a smoother, lighter and stable Mac Miller, you can define that easily by just hearing the music in each song and really looking into the emotional lyrics, he´ll keep rhyming but one of the mayor differences is that there´s a lot more singing in this album than in his previous works.

All of the songs are about love and the situations you get into when your´re in love, just by reading the names of the songs you can see the intentions of LarryFisherman, songs like “Stay”, “Skin”, “Soulmate” and “We” shows us a happy and joyful person who is sharing and telling his experience in a ecstatic and delighting relationship. 

This is the most personal work from Mac Miller, what started as an EP ended in a 10 song album, with a very nice guest list, just to mention a few: Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Pak, Cee lo, Ty dollar $ign and of course his girlfriend Ariana Grande… 

Don’t know if this will be the birth of a new Mac Miller and he will just make music like this now or we´re just seeing a “love phase” from him… No one can tell, but for the meantime lets enjoy the record, lets open a bottle of wine and enjoy this album with our loved one.

Final Notes: The song “Soul Mate” includes a sample of Robin Williams from the movie “Good Will Hunting” and Mac Miller’s grandmother concludes the record telling her love story on “God is Sexy, Nasty Fair”

Did you like this new the romantic side from Mac Miller?

Release Date: 16/09/2016

Total songs: 10

Best Tracks: “Dang” “Stay” “Skin”and “We” 

Featuring:  Kendrick Lamar, Ceelo Green , Ty Dolla Sign, Njmoza , Bilal, Anderson Paak and Ariana Grande

Quote to remember:  “Can i have a hand to hold? a band-aid for my damaged soul, I paint the planet gold, I swear I,m Michelangelo“ 

Rate 1/10: 9

Watch Mac Miller official videos and audio videos from this album here:

Mac Miller – Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak)

Mac Miller – We (feat. CeeLo Green) (Official Audio)

Mac Miller – My Favorite Part (feat. Ariana Grande) (Official Audio)


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