New Album”AIM” by M.I.A. – Album Review

AIM, I don’t know nothing about M.I.A.´s plan but this album didn’t aimed for success, hard and sad to say it but you can feel that Mathangi Arulpragasam inspiration or desire to reinvent herself has stopped or has been delayed… 

Back in July she said that this record could be her last, and after listening the album, I think maybe its ok… She could retire for a while, not forever, we can’t forget whats she’s capable of, but right now she sounds “stuck” and “overwhelmed” with the problems and situation of the world, she addresses the same issues in different songs “Borders”, “Visa” and “Jump in”, and don’t get me wrong theres nothing wrong in taking a political stand, but if you want your voice to produce a change you gotta do it the right way…

Also she recently she gotta in verbal “fights” with Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce, wondering why doesn’t she hear from them quotes like “Muslim Lives Matter or Syrian Lives Matter?” and they just keep saying “Black Lives Matter”… Because of this she eventually she lost the headline for the “Afropunk Festival

Its pretty clear that the mind of the english rapper is somewhere else and her musical inspiration has “left the building”, she needs to calm down and find herself again.

Even with a collaboration of the ex One Direction member Zayn Malik this album feels lost, without direction and repetitive, she needs to AIM for reinvention and get back to the reason we like her music, take your time M.I.A. we´ll be here waiting for it.

You think this will be the last album from MIA?

Whats your favorite song from MIA?

Release Date: 09/09/2016

Total songs: 17

Best Tracks: “Borders”,“Finally” and “Platforms” 

Featuring:  Zayn and Dexta Daps

Quote to remember:  “Don’t bring your gun there, Don’t bother bother me, you can’t take me, you want me, pay me, You can’t 2pac me, you can’t Biggie me “ 

Rate 1/10: 6

Watch M.I.A. official videos from this album here:

M.I.A. – Borders

M.I.A. – Go Off


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