“Gucci Snakes” new song from Tyga featuring Desiigner

“Gucci Snakes” new song from Tyga featuring Desiigner

Just after signing with G.O.O.D Music, Tyga releases his first G.O.O.D song, “Gucci Snakes” which features Desiigner, whats new on this track? Besides, the appearance author of “Panda”, nothing much to be honest, Tyga sticks to the same formula of dropping songs about his lifestyle and his eternal power to make money.

Now that he´s in the company of Kanye and Pusha-T I really hope to see a new and fresh Tyga, because matters like his relation with Kylie Jenner and his continous legal problems have without a doubt affected his music and it would be great if we could get some more tracks like “Rack City” “For the road “ and “Molly”

 Quote to remember:  “Rockin’ platinum, you barely platinum, I’m just countin’ my cash, I just spent a rack on sushi, just gave away all my Louie and got it Gucci”

Rate 1/10: 6


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